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New Emser Tile Products Based on Industry Trends

Tile manufacturer offers statement pieces, blue tones, strong textures and... More

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Housing's Newest Leading Indicator, New Home Pending Sales Index, Reveals Mojo In Top 10 And National Markets

Find out--in America's 10 most-active new home markets--a Meyers Research measure... More

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Risk And Resiliency: 50 Home Building And Housing Innovators Who Matter In 2019 And Beyond

Zero in and vote here on the 50 most transformative, influential, impactful... More

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Kitchen & Bath Market Index Projects Continued Growth for Remodeling Industry

Trade policy has had varied effects on the K&B market, causing inflation and... More

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NKBA’s Kitchen and Bath Market Index Shows Sustained Growth in Q2 2019

Sales are expected to grow 4.7% this year, and 57% of customers have increased... More

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Kitchen and Bath Market Index Shows Strong Q1 Growth, Favorable Market Outlook

More than half of industry professionals expect growth in the second quarter. More

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Construction’s No. 1 Unsolved Mystery: Productivity

Our new Building Forward platform will empower users to navigate to solutions that... More

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As More 'Rooted' Americans Stay Put, Adaptability Becomes a New Home Non-Negotiable

Mobility decline means new homes require 'future-proof' systems and structure to... More

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