Concrete Blocks

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Reinforcing a Foundation with Structural Strapping

Fixing a cracked concrete-block foundation walls with carbon fiber and epoxy More

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Building a ‘Removable’ Deck

How one deck builder creatively accommodated city regulations More

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Crowning Achievement: Fypon Miterless Molding Systems

Decorative blocks at seams and corners eliminate the need to miter crown molding. More

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Take Cover: Fabrication Group Permanent Patio Cover Roof System

Let the sun shine in, but keep the elements out with a heavy-duty patio roof cover. More

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Should You Upgrade to Windows Vista?

If you're a PC user who is wondering whether to upgrade and when and how to best go about it, here are some answers. More

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Julien offers sink line

A Canadian company, Julien, offers a new line of workstation sinks. Home... More

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Working with glass block

The need for light, privacy, and decorative accents are the driving forces behind... More

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Defense against ice damming

Ice damming occurs where snow or ice blocks gutters and downspouts, causing water to pool or back up, and sometimes find its way inside the house. More

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