Computerized Maintenance Management System

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Cloud Control: Access to Project Info Made Easy

Cloud-based software, such as BuilderTrend, allows remodelers to update and access project information wherever they are. More

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Efficiency Up: Software Helps Reduce Time Spent Scheduling

Virtual Boss software helps you schedule projects more quickly and improves client communication. More

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Setting client expectations for schedule delays

Big50 professionals answer a question about managing client expectations on project delays. More

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Flex Your Systems

Do your sales processes work together like a well-oiled machine? Having systems boosts sales, but rigidity can prevent additional deals. You may have to unlock from normal sales disciplines to make sales. More

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Presale and Postsale estimating system

I wish I had a nickel for every time a remodeler told me that if they only had better estimating software, they could handle more leads, produce more quotes, and make more money. This is when you think about whether this project is a good fit for you -- it's not the time to stay up all night counting how many joist hangers or wire nuts you'll need if you get the job. More

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Round the Clock

Dick Seibert turned to a time clock system to track employee hours for two reasons. First, many members of his crew had worked independently and were used to making their own hours. More

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