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2011 Remodeling Design Awards

There's a strong commercial showing in this year's Remodeling Design Awards. Of the 218 entries, our judges selected 19 winners. More

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Commercial Connections: Diversify by Taking on Commercial Projects

One Florida remodeler turns to commercial work to keep the jobs coming and provide a balance with his companyís residential side. More

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Commercial Promotion: Seeking Remodeling Work Beyond Residential Projects

A Virginia remodeler networks with commercial realtors to increase market share, doing small office and interior build-out projects. More

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Safety in Bonding

Providing bonding can allow remodelers to pursue larger, commercial projects. More

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Commercial Counsel

After a quick glance at the high-rise office buildings and road projects, the prevailing wage and bonding requirements, the copious codes, and the penalty clauses common to commercial building, the prospect of applying anything useful from the non-residential sector to a residential remodeling business seems remote. More

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Commercial Remodeling

About 86% of respondents remodel commercial projects, with the top three projects... More

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Daily Job Logs

Mike Weiss, CGR, came to residential remodeling from the commercial sector, where the projects are huge and the job logs are proportionate in size. This version, with a full week fitting on two sides of a single page, is the fourth iteration of the form he's used at Weiss & Company in Carmel, Ind., and he's happy with the results. More

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Adding commercial construction your services

In 1988 the New England economy started its free fall. Necessity bred invention.... More

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Siding Upsell: Move Customers Up a Rung

Mike Bodkins, president of PAPI (Professionally Applied Products Inc.), an... More

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