Climate Change

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Water: A Resource at Risk

How widespread water shortages, driven by climate change and population growth,... More

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Smaller Footprint, Greener Future: The 2030 Challenge for Products

Architecture 2030 launches its building product carbon-reduction initiative. More

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Architecture 2030 Launches Building Product Carbon-Reduction Initiative

New 2030 Challenge for Products targets carbon footprint of building materials and calls for manufacturers to expand use of life cycle assessments. More

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Why Building Performance Matters

Paying attention to the details that improve building performance is important ó it can buy us time. More

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UCLA's Free Home Energy-Efficiency Design Tool

The Home Energy Efficient Design website not only helps users to design a sustainable home, it also offers a payback analysis tool. More

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Read It and REEP

The pending clean energy bill has a section on energy-efficient buildings that surpasses stimulus tax credits and could significantly affect the residential remodeling industry. More

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GOP Senators Block Climate Change Bill

Senate Republicans Friday blocked a global warming bill that would have required major reductions in greenhouse gases. The 48-36 vote was a dozen shy of the required 60 votes needed to move into final consideration. More

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Say the Right Thing

When managers and owners see an employee do something incorrectly, they often react emotionally and end up with an angry, defensive employee. More

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