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Installing Base Cabinets in Out-of-Level Kitchens

Doug Horgan looks at a variety of options to "correct" out-of-whack floors during... More

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Rebuilding a Box Bay Window

Inadequate structural details and flashing led to the early demise of this home's... More

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A Fast Way to Build Bench Seating

Gary Striegler's practical and efficient method uses pattern-routed supports More

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The Home Depot Launches Jobseeker Platform for Skilled Trades

The Path to Pro Network has been created to connect skilled tradespeople to hiring... More

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Rescuing a Round-Top Window

Improved weatherproofing details around the window help, but the real key is the... More

Better Porch Stairs

Manny Silva pattern-routed the stringers and trim for the porch stairs on a recent... More

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Hand-Hewn Beams on a Finished Ceiling

This vintage design has gained in popularity. Here's how to execute it More

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Building a Budget-Conscious Deck

Jeremy Kassel demonstrates how smart details and good craftsmanship can add value... More

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Efficient Custom Cabinet Construction

How a Maryland builder makes shop-built cabinets that look like they were built in... More

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Installing an Impossible Floor

Make wood floor designs pop with live-edge inlays and mixed wood species More

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