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Being a Business Visionary Has Its Drawbacks

Melanie Hodgdon explores the risks and rewards for visionary business leaders. More

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The Secrets of an Effective Manager

How you manage others effectively may depend on whether you are people-oriented or... More

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Running an Employee-Centered Company

Done right, turnover can virtually disappear. Along with it, huge costs disappear. More

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To Convert Leads, Engage Them First

Remodelers need a reliable way to convert leads into sales opportunities. A call... More

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Two Keys to Remodeling Sales Success

Enter the sales process to solve people’s problems and be honest, and you will... More

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Key Trends in the 2023 Cost vs. Value Report

This year's report, in which average project values fell sharply to their lowest... More

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A Smarter Way of Charging for Overhead and Profit

When bidding on a project, you need more than a simple formula. More

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What ChatGPT Means for the Remodeling Industry

Artificial intelligence needs to be understood, not feared, by the remodeling... More

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Successfully Running a Business with Your Spouse

Advice on how to separate your business from your personal life More

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Six Essential Questions to Ask a New Client

Not every client is a good fit for your company. Use these questions to help you... More

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