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Key Trends in the 2023 Cost vs. Value Report

This year's report, in which average project values fell sharply to their lowest... More

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A Smarter Way of Charging for Overhead and Profit

When bidding on a project, you need more than a simple formula. More

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What ChatGPT Means for the Remodeling Industry

Artificial intelligence needs to be understood, not feared, by the remodeling... More

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Living the Good Life While Running a Business with Your Spouse

Advice on how to separate your business from your personal life More

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Six Essential Questions to Ask a New Client

Not every client is a good fit for your company. Use these questions to help you... More

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Do You Really Need A Fancy New Truck?

Reaching financial independence will likely take a completely different kind of... More

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Estimating Material Using with Stack

Jon Beer switched from Excel to a cloud-based software for faster, easier, and... More

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'Building Freedom: A Construction Pro's Path to Financial Independence'

Rob Corbo reviews David Gerstel's latest book More

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What it Takes to Go Out on Your Own

Paul Winans reveals the internal qualities that prompted him to start his own... More

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Managing the Big Three

In sales there are only three big objections to overcome, and for each one there... More

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