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Cool roofs become a roofing hot button

A recent article in the popular press takes to task the energy-saving claims of cool roofing. Yet it's hard not to see the brazen denouncements of cool roofing put forth here as a ploy to maintain the market for dark-colored single-ply roofing. While it's true the energy savings are limited in cooler climates, the benefits of installing reflective roofing extend beyond energy savings, and only in the very coldest of U.S. cities (e.g. Anchorage, Alaska) should cool roofs be avoided. More

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Choosing Wisely: Thoroughly Researching Manufacturers to Minimize Service Claims

Why one Virginia remodeler invests time in thoroughly vetting manufacturers: it means fewer callbacks and a more informed remodeling staff. More

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For Businesses: Pros and Cons of Owning The Buidling

Owning your own building offers benefits. But don't finance a building purchase out of working capital. More

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Republic Uproar

A Chicago window supplier's demise sets off unexpected repercussions. More

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SecondLook: David Heaney

This Delaware remodeler has diversified his business by providing customized space plans and estimating services for health facilities.. More

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A willingness to try new methods is critical to successfully managing your company's lead generation program. REPLACEMENT CONTRACTOR asked a number of companies about their most recent lead source, for better or worse. More

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