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Benjamin Obdyke HydroGap Drainable Housewrap

Move more water away from the walls faster with specially designed HydroGap Drainable Housewrap. More

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Efficiency Boosters

Solatube, Johns Manville, EcoStar, Heat Transfer. More

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Pavers, decorative concrete, and stone decking products

Pavers, decorative concrete, and stone decking products bring style and texture to... More

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Surface Treatments: Plaster, Caulks, Flooring and Solar Tiles

Products from Henkel, Open Energy, American Clay and Teragren More

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In Focus: Concrete and Wood Stains, Tung Oil Finishes, and Interior Paints

Products from Minwax, Duron, Waterlox and Kemiko More

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Finding Deck Materials That Survive Outdoor Conditions

When the paint begins to fail on a wood balustrade, suddenly the price of... More

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Worker Gear

Designed to provide exceptional thermal protection, Perfect Fit Carbtex gloves... More

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Paints and Stains

employs Scotchgard for stain protection. The acrylic flat latex paint can be... More

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When to cover over or pull off shingles

Tearing off the old shingles can add anywhere from a few hours to a day to a roofing job. "You could be spending $750 or $800 in dump fees," contractor Jim Lydon points out.For all those reasons, Lydon tells clients it's OK to roof over existing shingles if (1) it's a relatively new building and "basically up to code"; (2) the old shingles are "nice and smooth," providing a relatively even surface for reroofing; and (3) the beams and boards of the roof structure are in good enough shape to hold a nail. More

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