Best Practices

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A Pet Peeve Prevented

Professionally cleaning a house after you complete a project can increase client... More

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Give a Great Performance

Like a play production, a great remodeling performance requires a good script, a... More

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Feeling Humbled Once in a While Is Good for You

Learning new things forces you to be humble and helps you understand how your... More

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Repeat Offender: How to Approach a Challenging Past Client Who Wants Your Services Again

Keep a running list of behaviors your team finds unacceptable in a client, prepare... More

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No Leaks is a Reasonable Customer Expectation

Selling an extended warranty is not a good solution for all problems More

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IBS 2019: Succession Planning Does Not Happen Overnight

Transitioning business owners need to establish a succession plan early, and serve... More

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A Tale of Two Company Transfers

Paul Winans shares two situations of ownership transfers that will likely yield... More

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IBS 2019: Company Culture Is Essential to Attracting the Right Employees

Business leaders shape the culture of a company and get exactly what they’ve... More

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IBS 2019: Leaders Should Act as Coaches to Get the Most Out of Employees

Leaders who embrace the tendencies of coaches can remove obstacles holding... More

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