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Review: 'The Remodeling Life'

All contractors, newcomers and veterans, can benefit from reading Paul Winans' new... More

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Twenty Years of Learning and Facilitating

Paul Winans shares the lessons learned from two decades of facilitating remodeling... More

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Remembering a Friendly Force of Nature

Treasure your time with those who are in your life, whatever the source of your... More

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We Don't Need No Stinking Rehearsals

While most businesses do not provide the opportunity for a true rehearsal, do... More

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A Question That Creates Possibilities

Asking team members for their thoughts and opinions is a gift of respect that... More

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How to Remodel Your Relationship With Your Business

It takes focused hard work done as part of your weekly and monthly routines to get... More

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Identifying a Good Service Employee

Hire slow and fire fast. If you don't like firing people, be very deliberate when... More

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How to Help Employees Build a Future

To motivate a team, get them all focused on the same key question about themselves More

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What Often Kills a Business

It is difficult, but not impossible, to recover from a large amount of debt. More

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