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iPort CM2000 and CM100 Mounts for iPad and iPod Touch

Housed in attractive in-wall frames, CM2000 for iPad and CM100 for iPod Touch allow the devices to display weather, news, stocks, and other apps, and easily connect to A/V receivers. More

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Video Mount Products IWB-1 Flat Panel In-Wall Box Adapter

The IWB-1 flat panel In-Wall Box Adapter gives A/V installers the opportunity to recess flat-panel TVs within the wall between 16-inch studs. More

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Seura The One Slim-Profile Television Mirror

With a display depth of 1 inch, Seuraís The One slim-profile television mirror is thin enough that the entire unit can mount directly on the wall. More

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Company Rating Web Sites

In early 2002, Ken and Latrice Innes of Redding, Calif., signed a contract with Pacesetter Corp. for installation of replacement windows, a storm door, a rear sliding door, and a garage door with opener on their house. The company's contract guaranteed that the work would be completed within 20 days. More

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Product trends in audio, video gear

From walls to ceilings, interior to exterior, a number of new home theater and... More

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Employees might surprise you with their solutions

Fans of the old TV show M*A*S*H will remember Radar O'Reilly, the affable young corporal with an almost otherworldly ability to anticipate needs and provide answers before anyone even got around to asking. More

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Time to review your business practices

With the start of every new year, your P&L goes back to zero. January 1 is always a clean slate, but 2008 looms as a particularly powerful incentive for reviewing your business practices, rethinking your assumptions, and evaluating your personnel. Here's how some remodelers I know plan to confront their biggest business challenges in '08. More

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Multiroom entertainment components

Multiroom components deliver entertainment throughout the house. More

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User a planner to manage business

Using the Franklin Planner for good business management. More

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