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Low-VOC? Trust but Verify

Despite putting great effort into reducing the amount of volatile organic compoundsóVOCsóin their products, adhesive and coating manufacturers are still facing an emerging national standard on VOC content that could hold them to the strictest of standards. More

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Don't Delegate Sales Early On

In a small remodeling company, invest in yourself rather than seeking to hand off this critical role to someone else. More

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Mate for Life: Remodeler/Client Partnerships With Staying Power

Cooper DesignBuilders uses a home asset management program that ensures clients stay loyal to the company for the long term. More

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Consult Then Construct: Home Asset Management

Clients for life? Help your clients create a maintenance program for their most important asset, their home, with your company as the provider of expert advice and services. More

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Determine Your Deposit Policy

Asking for a deposit is more a matter of securing a commitment to the project than paying for the materials that will be used. More

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Side by Side: Ways to Make a Husband-and-Wife Partnership a Success

Spouses who work together face additional challenges. Linda Case offers tips for making your husband and wife remodeling partnership hugely successful. More

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Client dossiers speed service

The ACT contact management system is an asset to your sales More

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Come Out Slugging

Savvy owners say net sales per lead issued will tell you more about sales productivity than any other measure. More

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Wallboard Manufacturer Puts Asbestos Claims to Rest

New NGC (dba National Gypsum Company) recently announced a $347 million settlement that will protect it from present and future liability claims stemming from lawsuits against the recently bankrupt Asbestos Claims Management Corporation. More

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