Apartment Renovation

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Mind the Drip

Joe Lstiburek explains how kerfs and drip edges play key roles in a building's... More

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Chicago Studio Apartment Renovation Overcomes Limited Space, Small Budget

Lark Architecture was faced with limited space and a small budget in its dramatic... More

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Gramercy Park Kitchen and Bath Remodel Puts Architect to the Test

Jorge Mastropietro, founder and principal of JMA in New York, works against the... More

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John Rusk, Rusk Renovations, Talks Renovating NYC Apartments

John Rusk, owner of Rusk Renovations, discusses the challenges his company faces in renovating high-end New York City apartments. More

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Back-to-Back: A Vanity Solution for a Loft Bathroom

Sloped ceilings need not cramp your bathroom design style. This back-to-back vanity design is a clever way to use the space. More

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Clean, Minimal Basement Remodel

The remodel of this small apartment achieves the client's big spatial aspirations. More

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Working It: Thoughts on Selling Remodeling

When it comes to selling a remodeling job, it's mostly about finding out what buyers really want, which requires listening closely. More

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Old-House Renovation: "New Victorian"

Central to the gut remodel of a stick-style Carpenter Gothic Victorian home is the overhaul of the kitchen to create a bold-colored space with work zones for multiple cooks. More

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