Adaptive Reuse

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Clean Sweep

To break Thompson Remodeling employees of the habit of hoarding unused products,... More

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Builders Are Urged To Consider the Green Benefits of Deconstruction Vs. Demolition

Demolishing an existing house for a renovation or infill project may be quick and... More

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New consumer demands

The level of sophistication of clients has absolutely changed," says Steve Kirstein, a principal at BOWA Builders, McLean, Va. "There are no easy projects anymore. Marla Griffin, Metropolitan's marketing director, also says Ikea's affordable prices brought better-designed products to a larger audience.The new consumer is much better informed -- primarily about the importance of good design -- than in the past. More

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Contractor remodels his own company's headquarters

When a remodeling contractor works for himself, every headache associated with... More

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Remodel of Power Plant to Office Building

How do you convert a power plant into an office building? More

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