3D Technology

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Virtual Tech Delivers Real Benefits

It’s not just for technophiles or gamers anymore: Virtual reality is making... More

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Jef Forward Makes the Case for 3D Technology

The creative director of Forward Design Build in Ann Arbor, Mich., explains how... More

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Is Ikea's New App Really 'Virtual Reality?'

Ikea has designed an app for the HTC Vive headset, but functionality is limited More

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Tech Effect: How A Digital Toolbox Can Boost Your Business

Using a mix of low-cost, high-impact digital resources can help attract customers... More

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Highly Mobile: You Don't Need a Physical Office Anymore

How the move from one-step to multistep selling made technology a much bigger part of the sales process for Mike Damora's company More

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The Home Depot Now Stocks 3-D Printers

The retailer is experimenting with selling the devices at 12 stores across three... More

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Lowe's Goes 'Science Fiction' With New Showroom Tech

'Holoroom' conjures dream homes through augmented reality More

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High-Tech Can Help Create Handcrafted Elements

New technologies can help create accurate building details when multiple identical pieces are needed�without being cost prohibitive. More

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Draw Them In: Using 3-D Software to Communicate a Design to Clients

Experiencing a project in three dimensions aids communication with clients, providing a much more accurate sense of how the project will look. More

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