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Kentucky City Seeks Homeowners for Lead-Based Paint Removal

Covington hopes to help at least 70 homeowners or renters eliminate lead-based... More

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Why your 'rep' gets a bad rap, and what you can do about it

Call it an image problem. Roofing scams abound, and reputable roofers get caught in the crossfire as state legislatures and the press fight back. What's a reputable roofer to do? Extend a little bit of kindness perhaps. More

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Hail Tracking Is Key To Swift Storm Damage Response by Roofers

The increasing sophistication of computerized hail-tracking systems enables a handful of roofers specializing in storm work to get to neighborhoods, and jobs, first. More

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The Workers' Comp Crisis

This year, State Roofing will spend just under $280,000 on premiums for workers' compensation insurance to cover its 140 employees -- $200,000 of that for the 60 who install. The Monroe, Wash., company buys that coverage through a fund run by the state's Department of Labor and Industry, which Lance Smith, State's president, says is very difficult to work with. More

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