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Roof risk rising: Insurance firms recoil from losses on roofing

The insurance industry has a problem with roofs, according to a recent insurance industry publication outlining an uptick in insured losses due to severe thunderstorms. The problem reportedly has a number of causes, including the increased number of severe thunderstorms, an aging housing stock, increasing costs for roof replacements, and what is billed as "opportunistic weather chasers." But in identifying this problem, how will insurers pass their losses off to other parties? More

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Prevailing wage controversy roils immigration reform debate

In an effort to create an effective guest-worker program, immigration reform has been linked to prevailing wage laws. Meanwhile, several states have introduced bills to eliminate prevailing wages. A prospect of higher roofing labor rates may be seen as a boon for roofers, or a boondoggle that further dampens a still-struggling marketplace. More

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Changes in Product, Practice, Boost Business for Roofers

Homeowner buying a roof want foolproof installation and impact resistance. Roofers name the one product or practice that has really lifted their game. More

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Fence Company Guier Fence Launches Francise

An interview with Lea Bailes, CEO of Guier Fence, about the company's future plans. More

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