Expanding its collection of dust containment products, ZipWall is introducing ZipFast Reusable Barrier Panels. Unlike clear plastic sheeting, ZipFast panels are made of opaque nylon that allows users to contain dust in construction areas while also hiding unfinished spaces from view. And because the panels can be washed and reused, remodelers can eliminate the straight-to-landfill waste of plastic sheeting on the jobsite and save money over time. ZipWall says ZipFast panels pay for themselves within 10 uses.

ZipFast Panels come in multi-packs that include three 5-foot panels, one 2 1/2-foot panel that serves as an entryway, and a carry bag for all the materials. Individual panels are also available, along with a Class A flame-retardant version.

The ZipWall system was originally created to aid in dust containment on construction, remediation, abatement, and painting jobsites. Its efficacy has been further proven by use in hospitals as anteroom set-ups for infectious disease containment. On the jobsite, ZipWall and ZipFast panels are easily erected by on person with no tape or ladders required. The system uses twist-locking poles that attach to a tight-fitting head plate. ZipWall | 800.718.2255 | zipwall.com

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