Mike Cordonnier's company is known for its jobsite cleanliness, because on every job, he specs polycarbonate ZipWall Poles to contain dust and debris. "What's nice is that they're adjustable, so when we do cathedral ceilings and other types, they conform nicely to all the surfaces that we need to protect," Cordonnier says. The telescoping poles are topped with spring-loaded ZipWall Jacks that clamp plastic sheets, canvas tarps, or drop cloths and brace them against ceilings, screening off work areas from the rest of the home.

Courtesy ZipWall

Cordonnier has even used the poles to brace tub surround panels to walls until adhesives cure. "There's really no other product out there that can control dust and be set up as quickly," he says. GripDisk accessories prevent the poles from slipping on slick surfaces. Poles come in a standard three-section, 4-foot size that extends to 12 feet, and in a special four-section, 5-foot pole that extends to 20 feet.

Remodeler: Mike Cordonnier

Company: Remodeling Designs, Dayton, Ohio

Product: ZipWall Poles by ZipWall LLC.

Sky View

Sharon Bellamy estimates that Bellamy & Sons Construction has been using Velux Roof Windows and Skylights for about 28 years. The windows and skylights are even installed in Bellamy's own home, and her experience when one of the windows failed reinforced her confidence in the manufacturer. "It had failed a few years before, but I didn't get around to doing anything about it," she says. The failure occurred during the warranted period but was reported after the warranty expired. "I explained [to the company]," Bellamy says, "and they sent us a new unit and didn't charge us. The reason any contractor repeatedly uses any product is the company standing behind the product and standing behind the warranty."

Courtesy Velux

Velux offers many styles of roof windows and skylights, fixed and operable, for curb-mounted and deck-mounted installations. All windows and skylights are available with either tempered, argon-filled, low-E2 glass or tempered-over-laminated, argon-filled, low-E2 glass. Electric and manual controls are available, as well as blinds, shades, and awnings. Remodeler: Sharon Bellamy

Company: Bellamy amp; Sons Construction, Scotia, N.Y.

Product: Velux Roof Windows and Skylights.

Sealed Tight

Getting a good insulating air seal around door and window frames is key to achieving energy efficiency, especially in coastal regions where wind and rain can penetrate any structure with insulation gaps. Patty McDaniel has found that while many expanding foam sealants provide an air and water seal, most are too rigid for use around doors and windows, sometimes even damaging frames during expansion.

Her remodeling company uses Dow's Great Stuff PRO Window and Door sealant to achieve an airtight seal. Dow guarantees that the product will not bow or bend window and door frames. "They have made it more flexible and the application more practical for professional installers," says McDaniel. "It dries and stays soft. It is permanently flexible and won't crush window or door frames."

Courtesy Dow

The sealant uses a proprietary low-pressure formula that makes the product tack-free eight minutes after application. The sealant can be sanded, painted, or stained. It is available in a 20-ounce gun and a straw-applicator version.

Remodeler: Patty McDaniel

Company: Boardwalk Builders, Rehoboth Beach, Del.

Product: Dow Great Stuff PRO Window and Door foam sealant.

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