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Legrand has upgraded its existing wired Wattstopper digital lighting management (DLM) ecosystem with a new suite of IPV6 Mesh-based wireless products, including new hardware, software, and router boxes. As a whole, according to Legrand, the system is designed to provide a simple, secure, and scalable control system that improves a residential or commercial structure’s energy performance.

The new Wattstopper wireless control products include a dimming room controller, ceiling mount PIR occupancy sensor, corner mount PIR occupancy sensor, digital photosensor, dimming wall switch, and 5-button scene switch, along with a newly-enhanced wireless bridge and border router.

Software additions include the DLM Configuration App, which utilizes Bluetooth-based commissioning, and a new version of Legrand’s LMCS system, which allows for advanced lighting system programming and design. The DLM Dashboard, which enables easy maintenance and control of networked systems, will be available soon.

The wireless products are designed to integrate seamlessly with existing wired products, allowing users to create wired, wireless or hybrid room scenes. The system is equipped with advanced IoT security protocols, which include hardware chips embedded in each product, and designed for easy installation, startup, and upgrade capabilities.

“While we aren’t the first company to bring a wireless lighting controls system to market, the extra diligence spent on R&D and engineering as well as some timely advancements in wireless technology have allowed us to develop a system that truly raises the bar for intelligent lighting controls,” says Daniel Stankovich, product manager at Legrand. “This is going to be an advancement for wireless lighting controls in the same way that the original Wattstopper DLM system disrupted the industry when it was introduced nearly a decade ago.” legrand.us

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