High-tech and functional accessories, along with advancements for new model year trucks can help improve your fleet’s efficiency and fuel economy.


Knaack. Weather Guard Hi-Side Truck Boxes (at left) provide contractors with secure, durable, and more convenient tool storage above the bed of their trucks. Available in 16 aluminum and 11 steel models, the boxes are designed with a three-point latching system that secures each side of the box with a strong seal against theft, vandalism, and weather. For unrestricted access, the boxes’ doors can be adjusted from 90 to 180 degrees. Additionally, the adjustable legs allow the box mounting points to be customized for maximum bed space. Capacities range from 5.6 cubic feet to 21.4 cubic feet. 800.456.7865. www.weatherguard.com.


Shell. Get more life from your diesel-powered pickup with Rotella T Synthetic 5W-40 motor oil (at right). Designed to offer improved wear protection, soot control, deposit control, heat resistance, and protection in extreme climates, the motor oil also can provide up to 1% enhanced fuel efficiency compared with 15W-40 formula, the maker says. High-performance ashless chemistry helps keep soot particles separated, which keeps Rotella T from thickening. www.rotella.com.


Standard-Hamilton. The maker’s Dump-Pro line now includes the Compact Dump-Pro (at left), which allows users to convert their smaller trucks with 6-foot beds into dump trucks. The insert features a steel-reinforced, industrial weight, non-rusting polyethylene dump body and winch-driven drive system that requires no hydraulics. Rated at 3,000 pounds hauling, and 2,700 pounds dumping capacity, the Compact Dump-Pro handles 1.1 cubic yards of material with the basic unit, or 3 yards with the Hi-Sides option. 866.438.6777. www.dump-pro.com.


Ford. The revamped F-150 for 2009 (at right) features a fully boxed frame constructed with hydro-formed and high-strength steel side rails. The lightweight frame delivers 10% more torsional rigidity for increased durability and safety, the maker says. High-tech features include AdvanceTrac with Roll Stability Control and Trailer Sway Control, plus available Rearview Camera Assist and Integrated Trailer Brake Controller. Three cab styles, four box options, and seven trim levels are available for 36 configurations to meet any driver’s needs. Three V-8 engines are available, matched to either a 4-speed or fuel-efficient 6-speed automatic transmission. 800.392.3673. www.ford.com.

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