Match the BS 150 Compact Tripod with the GLL3-80 360-degree 3-Plane Leveling and Alignment Laser, and you have a complete leveling solution. The products are available individually or as a kit, and the tripod’s thread is compatible with most laser tools, making it versatile for users. It also features a detachable mounting base for easy setup on or off the tripod. Swivel, adjust, and tighten the aiming base for steady measurement applications, and take advantage of an extendable height up to 58 inches. For aligning and leveling, the GLL3-80 uses the maker’s Cone Mirror technology, rather than rotating diodes. The result: brighter laser lines all the way around, and fewer moving parts for a more compact, lighter weight tool with easier calibration. It offers 6-point, tile, cross-line, and rotary laser features suitable for almost all level/align/square/plumb applications. Quick switching between triple-axis, vertical-only, and horizontal-only modes means users can finish an entire room from one set-up point. Ideal for cabinet installers, finish carpenters, tile setters, and numerous other trades. Bosch Tools | 877.267.2499 |

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