The more work I can do at my miter saw, the better my life is. Sure, I can make cuts hunched over a lumber pile stacked on the floor, but standing up is better. So what I call a “cut station” is a full-on hub of how I cut. Hence my interest in miter-saw stands. I’ve seen enough of them to know that the ToughBuilt TB-S550 is the best one to come down the pike in a long time.

Length. Among its many attributes, this stand is long enough to support 124-inch-long stock. To support that stretched-out length, the stand comes with four work supports, not just two stuck at either end. What this means is that I can support—on either side of the saw—both smaller pieces and the 16-footers whose very ends I need to be able to clip a miter off of. And this unit does that without my having to do anything to jury-rig the system.

Out of the box. Assembly is easy. My 12-year-old son and I had it unpacked and up and running in less than an hour. While assembling it, I could immediately tell that the 2 1/2-inch square tube frame would give this unit the core strength needed to support the arms when extended—and allow it to collapse into a sensibly transportable cube, both on the jobsite and in the back of my truck.

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