Hitachi recently added Two 18-volt lithium-ion brushless tools to its product line. The brushless hammer-drill (DV18DBL) offers a 22-stage clutch, as well as eight speed/power calibrations, letting users adjust the tool for the application, up to 1,800 rpm and 27,000 bpm. The brushless impact driver (HW18DBDL) features four speeds up to 2,600 rpm and an impact rate of 2,300 bpm. Additionally, a limited-impact mode electronically stops the driver after about four impacts to minimize excessive torque on delicate fasteners.

What’s so special about brushless technology? In traditional cordless tools, brushes contact the motor to complete the circuit powering the tool. In brushless tools, current flows through the motor, which means:

No brushes to wear down or replace

No brush friction and heat build-up to rob the motor of performance

No mechanical contact trigger, which can further reduce efficiency

Up to 50% longer runtimes between charges, according to the maker

Microprocessor controls for fine-tuned digital speed and power settings

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