I work alone, so I sign the contract, do the design, carry the tools, and pick up the trash. I also store the tools in my tool truck. Carrying and storing were the weak spots in my game, though, especially my table saw. It was too big and too heavy for what I needed it to do, and its folding stand served no purpose other than to waste space in the truck.

In my quest to find a truly portable saw that sets up quickly and doesn’t take up more acreage in my truck than necessary, I zeroed in on the Skil TS6307-00 10-inch jobsite table saw. In short, the saw is awesome. Compact. Powerful. Smartly designed. Not only does it solve the specific suite of problems I had with previous table saws, but its well-executed design features generalize into a whammer slammer of a table saw for just about anybody who has to carry one from here to there, then rip a mile of lumber with it.

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