Cut it, connect it, and clean it up with the latest saws, hand-tools, and jobsite equipment from these manufacturers.

SawStop. The SawStop 10-inch contractor saw (left) features a patented braking system that stops the saw within 5 milliseconds of detecting that the blade has contacted the operator’s skin. The safety system works by inducing a small electrical signal on the blade, which is continually measured by a digital signal processor. Because human skin is conductive and wood is not, the signal is reduced when the blade contacts any part of the operator’s body. The change in signal melts a fuse wire, releasing an aluminum brake that engages the blade. In addition to the award-winning safety system, the SawStop features an enhanced dust collection system and a wheeled steel-frame jobsite cart. 503.570.3200.

Cooper Hand Tools. Two new compound action snips (below left), the M8R and M9R Vertical Snips, are equipped with specially designed, angled blades that allow for greater reach and maneuvering overhead and in other awkward areas. The M8R (straight and left-cutting) and M9R (straight and right-cutting) snips are designed to cut up to 22-gauge steel. The wide jaw opening and nonslip serrated jaw blades allow material to set deeper and grip tighter; long handles provide extra leverage. 919.362.1670.

Boar Blades. Developed by a carpenter looking for a more versatile reciprocating saw blade, Boar Blades (above right) feature two M24 bi-metal steel cutting edges, one edge with 7 teeth per inch, and the other with 10 teeth per inch, as well as a rounded nose. Altogether, the design allows users to make plunge cuts and to cut in either direction for increased productivity. A double-legged tang offers greater strength to eliminate deflection while cutting. Available in 6-, 8-, and 10-inch lengths, Boar Blades are sold in three-packs (six cutting edges), in unique, reusable hard plastic cases that protect the blades. 925.934.4488.

DeWalt.   Corded and cordless TrackSaws (left) provide a new option to finish carpenters, woodworkers, and contractors looking for a portable tool to make straight, splinter-free cuts. Cordless model DC351 (shown) and corded model DWS520 TrackSaws travel along an anti-slip aluminum track to make clean cuts. The zero-clearance track features anti-splinter edges that indicate the exact cut location for fast positioning. Two friction strips grab the material and keep the track moving without the need for additional clamping. Tracks are available in several lengths. 800.433.9258.

Task Tools. A unique shape-to-spacing ratio makes the Quicker Mixer (below left) a time saver for mixing paint, adhesives, or filler to an even consistency. The hexagonal high-carbon steel shank fits securely into any hand drill, while the nonporous polypropylene material makes cleaning quick and easy, leading to a longer life span, the maker says. 800.663.0160.

Bosch. Building on the success of its ultra-compact product line, the maker is introducing a second-generation PS20 Pocket Driver (below) with numerous upgrades from the previous model. The Litheon-powered driver offers 100 inch-pounds of torque and the 500 rpm operating speed represents a 25% increase over the original tool. Other features include an ergonomic grip, a metal 10+1 clutch ring, LED work light, and locking 1/4-inch universal bit holder. Users can expect 30-minute charge times and long life from the 12-volt Max Litheon battery. 877.267.2499.

Hilti. Achieve a cleaner, more dust-free workplace with the VC20-U and VC40-U vacuums (left). Both models are suitable for dry and wet cutting and grinding, drilling and dry coring, wet coring, angle grinding, and wood applications. Equipped with 1,200-watt power and automatic power filter cleaning technology, the vacuums offer a high volume-to-capacity ratio and maintain constant suction performance without interruption, the maker says. The valve opens automatically every 15 sections, reversing the airflow three times per millisecond to shake the filter clean. Easy filter access and changeable dust bags save time and make cleaning easier. The vacuums stop automatically when their tanks are full, so operators never need to worry about drowning the filter in water or slurry. 800.879.8000.

Klein Tools. The new line of Journeyman screwdrivers (right) features a tri-lobe handle with a soft outer grip bonded to a solid inner core to help generate the maximum amount of turning power. The maker’s patented Tip-Ident dome mark allows for instant tip recognition and orientation for quick and accurate alignment to the fastener. Seven- and five-piece screwdriver sets are available. Each screwdriver features a hard steel blade machined with a precision-ground tip for exact fit into the fastener. The blade is reinforced by a hex-shaped bolster for additional strength and stability between the handle and blade. Tip styles include 3/16-inch cabinet, 1/4- and 5/16-inch keystone, and No’s. 1-3 Phillips. Out-of-handle blade lengths are 4 or 6 inches. 800.553.4676.

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