I am not an early adopter. When I first discovered track saws, it was a good five years before I bought one, primarily because of sticker shock. But once I did, I quickly found out what I had been missing, and it wasn’t long before I was regularly using a track saw for trimming doors, safely cross-cutting sheet goods, making long tapers, cutting wide shelving, and making all kinds of angle cuts.

Most of my track saw experience has been with models offered by Festool and DeWalt, the companies that first introduced them to market. Now, however, most tool companies make a track saw in both corded and cordless versions, and—surprisingly—one of the more affordable corded options is from Kreg Tools. Its ACS (adaptive cutting system) plunge saw has many of the same features—such as a positive stop position for blade changes, a chip guard, and a riving knife—as more expensive models from other track saw manufacturers. With its 6 1/2-inch-diameter blade, it can make cuts up to 2 1/8 inches deep at 90 degrees and 1 1/2 inches deep at 45 degrees; the bevel is adjustable from -1 to 47 degrees.

This saw also has one unique feature: The blade is on the left side, so it is easier for right-handed users to see the cut. I know, the track guides the cut, but I still want to be able to check it and make sure I’m not straying off my cut line or over- or under-cutting. It’s driven by a 120-volt, 12-amp, variable-speed motor with an electronic brake.

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