Addressing popular demand from its customers, General Tools & Instruments is expanding its Predator series of thermal imaging cameras to include nine extended temperature range models. In addition to a standard 300C (572F) model, the GTi10, GTi20, and GTi50 cameras are now available in models that can detect up to 600C (1112F), 1000C (1832F), and 1500C (2732F).

Ideal for revealing hidden heat-driven problems, the cameras can detect small temperature differences from a distance, and convert invisible infrared radiation to visible color images called thermograms. The cameras help in a range of situations, including:

  • Diagnosing heat exchanger issues
  • Locating invisible or inaccessible thermal leaks and leak sources
  • Inspecting thermal insulation integrity
  • Revealing overheated electrical circuits
  • Assessing a building's thermal envelope and detecting energy loss

In addition to detecting and diagnosing problems, thermal imaging cameras can help in the sales process by giving customers a visual understanding of their energy loss issues, and helping to convince them to move forward with upgrades or repairs.Other features in the basic Gti10 include a 120x160 image resolution on a bright 3.5-inch color LCD with adjustable viewing angle, simultaneous temperature analysis of two changeable pinpoints, the ability to save images to a .jpg format, and accuracy within 2%. More advanced models feature higher image resolution, more movable spots, temperature alarms, voice annotation, and more. Optional lenses, tripods, chargers, and other accessories are also available. General Tools & Instruments | 800.697.8665 |

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