1. Combo Eye and Ear Protection
Rockler’s Bench Dog Sound Shield Safety Glasses combine protective eye lenses with earplugs tethered to the frame by cords. The glasses have clear plastic, anti-fog lenses. They’re available as standard safety glasses or as a “fit over” design for use over eyeglasses. The earplugs slide in and out of the frames by pulling either end of the cords. They store in compartments in the earpieces of the frames when not in use, which eliminates the hassle of lost earplugs.

2. Advanced Safety Gloves
The layered construction of Safety Today’s new high-visibility Brass Knuckle SmartShell gloves is designed to conform to the hand’s natural contours and includes flex points in the fingers, wrist, and palm for maximum comfort. Thermoplastic rubber padding is sonically welded to the back of the glove and offers protection from contusions, smash injuries, punctures, and object strikes, with pinch protection extending to each fingertip. The palm has a sandy finish for wet grip slip resistance.

3. Fog-Free Goggles
Honeywell’s new Uvex Livewire sealed safety eyewear is for workers who need the side protection of a goggle without getting fogged lenses. The company claims that its Uvex HydroShield coating prevents lens fogging more than 60 times longer than competitive anti-fog coated products and has twice the scratch resistance. The coating is permanently bonded to the lens, so it will not wear off after extended use or repeated cleanings. The glasses are available in nine lens tints and two frame colors. Prescription safety lenses are also available.

4. Glasses meet Earmuffs
When used with earmuffs or headsets, regular safety glasses break earmuff seals, causing pressure points against the skull and reducing protection. To eliminate those problems, SoundVision eye protection from FullPro Protective Gear attaches to earmuffs’ surface using flexible hook and loop straps, rather than slipping under them. The result is sound protection improved by to seven decibels, according to the maker. Lenses are available with clear, amber, or smoke tints.

5. Dust-Free Concrete Drill
Bosch Power Tools created its Speed Clean Bits with OSHA’s silica rule in mind. Each bit is hollowed and includes a vacuum port for dust extraction. Bosch says that besides minimizing airborne silicone dust, the vacuum port also cuts drilling time by 25% to 50%. Each bit has a solid carbide tip with four-cutter geometry, as well as a rubber connector that connects the drill shaft to the hose. The bits come in a range of sizes that fit Bosch’s SDS-plus and SDS-max rotary hammers.