Ask carpenters to name their three most frequently used power tools, and I believe a miter saw would be on most of their lists. While most of us have learned to invest in a quality saw with a good blade, I am constantly amazed at how frequently I see great saws on very average saw stands. To me, that’s akin to driving a high-performance car with bald tires.

Earlier in my career, I was lucky enough to find a Saw Helper Ultrafence at a trade show. That saw stand was portable, sturdy, and easy to set up, with wide support and an accurate stop system for efficient, repeatable cuts. The best part about it was that once it was attached to the saw, it could be broken down and set up again in a short time with completely repeatable performance. I think I bought six of the company’s saw stands over the years but, unfortunately, it went out of business more than a decade ago.

I’ve purchased several more saw stands over the years, but none have measured up to the standard set by the Saw Helper. So when I discovered the EZ-Wings Pro miter-saw station last year at another trade show and saw that its American-made design was remarkably close to my old favorite, I was eager to see how it measured up.

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