For households handling the challenges of multiple generations, limited mobility, or just a lot of comings and goings, new technologies make for easier access.

Forget the Key

Schlage’s new Touchscreen Deadbolt alleviates the hassles of fumbling with keys or forgetfully locking them inside the house. It also provides an easy way for children and teens, trusted caregivers, or household staff to come and go without passing out spare keys that could be lost or stolen. The electronic locking system can handle as many as 30 four-digit codes, and it integrates with the Nexia Home Intelligence system, allowing users to operate the lock remotely.

“We’re seeing almost 20% of our sales in electronic products,” says Scott Martin, head of marketing for residential business for Schlage’s parent company Ingersoll-Rand. “That’s doubled from 5 years ago. People are getting more comfortable with touchscreens and for those who use them, the idea of keys almost seems foreign. You’re moving away from just having locks as hardware to now having technology come into the products. We find the 21-to-40 age group almost expect a level of technology.”

As with other Schlage products, Martin says the touchscreen deadbolt has achieved an ANSI grade 1 security rating, thanks to some of the strongest internal hardware available. The lock also offers three alarm settings to indicate various types of tampering, and the touchscreen resists fingerprints so access codes won’t become detectable over time.

Touch and Go

Another name widely recognized for security, Brinks, is introducing its Push-Pull-Rotate door handles. Produced by Hampton Products, the new knobs and levers from Brinks Home Security improve accessibility whether users have their hands full or have limited mobility.

“Americans have been turning knobs the same way for 135 years,” says Julie Ernest, Hampton’s senior director of door hardware. “Our engineers have created an easier way for busy families to simply push or pull their way through a door, saving time and effort, and enabling people to literally open doors with their hands full.”

Meeting ANSI grade 2 standards for security, the keyed handles feature heavy-duty construction and are pick-, bump-, and drill-resistant. An anti-pry shield helps improve security. When unlocked, the handles can be easily pushed or pulled with the tip of a finger, pushed with a hip or elbow, or rotated like a traditional knob or lever, allowing anyone to operate the door regardless of range of motion.

The Brinks Push-Pull-Rotate Door Handles are available in a variety of styles and finishes, and can be installed on both interior or exterior doors with matching deadbolts.

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