Maybe it’s because a power tool is in the repair shop.

Or an extra tool could help on a big new project.

Or you need project capability without a big upfront tool cost.

Today there are all sorts of good reasons why thousands of contractors routinely rent instead of buy the tools they need now.

Tony English knows. He heads up The Home Depot’s tool rental division, the fastest-growing area of The Home Depot five years running.

Do-it-yourselfers still account for the bulk of all rental activity. Weekend warriors dropping by for a tiller, power washer, carpet cleaner, aerator, chain saw, or what-not make up about two-thirds of The Home Depot’s rental audience. Pros makes up the rest, English says.

“It’s our goal to support any project that our customers are tackling with the right rental tools for the job,” English explains. “It doesn’t always make economic sense to buy when you can rent.”

For contractors, renting means fast, extra capability without digging deep in the wallet. “A sixty-pound jackhammer is our most frequently-rented pro tool. We even have advanced breakers we call PRO breakers.

“Pros want fast results. Buying a PRO breaker costs upwards of $3,000. Renting puts premier concrete-busting power in a contractor’s hands for about $100 a day without maintenance or long-term storage worries. That can be an unbeatable bargain.”

So much so, many contractors now include tool rental fees in project quotes, English says. “They view it as a variable cost, leaving more cash available to run the business.”

English cites other reasons to explain the growing pro-market rental surge:

  • Top Brand Performance. “We go to a level of refinement in tool inventory that we probably didn’t offer five years ago. We now have a lot of pro tools available, such as Hilti’s PRO Breaker, core drills, and concrete saws. The number one criteria of what we buy is reliability.”
  • Tool Variety. What kind of tool do you need? An auger? Concrete mixing and finishing? Compactors? Demolition? Floor refinishers? Generators? Compact power tools? Restoration and remediation? The Home Depot is “rental central” for just about any task.
  • Convenience. “We have approximately 1,100 locations in the U.S.,” English explains. “However, it’s not only location, either. It’s also hours of operation. We’re open when the store is open. That means weekends and practically every holiday, too.”
  • Large Equipment. A wide range of towable equipment – mini-excavators, skid steers, back hoes, trenchers, lifts, trailers, and more – are now available on a four-hour, daily, weekly, or monthly rental basis. Delivery to the jobsite is even available in many markets. A customer simply needs to call 1-888-COMPACT to get the large equipment they need, where and when they need it.
  • No Surprises. Tool rental fees, store availability, comprehensive descriptions, and even used equipment available for purchase are available at All prices are guaranteed to be the lowest on the tool make and model.
  • Renter Recognition. Become a rental regular and English says the usual security deposit is just a token dollar.

Caught short of the right tools? Need some extra, temporary project punch? Don’t sweat it. Tool rental is the quick, easy, and affordable way to get the job done fast.

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