As a carpenter and cabinetmaker, I sometimes find myself in predicaments where a regular drill just will not work. Whether it’s an odd angle that doesn’t allow me to get square with the screw head or a tight spot where I need to drill a hole but just can’t quite squeeze the drill in, there have been plenty of situations where I wished I had a solution. Enter the DeWalt Xtreme 12-volt Max 5-in-1 drill/driver kit. With two speeds, 15 clutch settings, and four different interchangeable heads, it has a solution for every problem.

The first thing I noticed about this drill was its compact size and ergonomic grip design. It felt good in my hands, and I didn’t have any problem keeping it in plane with the fastener heads, which was a concern of mine since I am so used to impact drivers. It comes with a compact 12-volt, 2.0-Ah battery, which adds little to the 5-inch length of the tool and weighs next to nothing. Add to that the fact that three of the four heads have quick release 1/4-inch chucks, and it would seem DeWalt covered all the bases with this one. For fit and user comfort, I give this drill a 10.

DeWalt’s compact 12-volt drill kit includes a right-angle attachment...
...and an offset attachment for driving and drilling in tight spaces.

Of all the attachments, the standard quick-release head saw the most use while I had it in my shop, for obvious reasons. However, having the ability to quickly switch to a right angle or offset drill is a major plus. And if the ability to switch between heads isn’t enough, DeWalt even added a feature that allows you to position the attachment at any angle from 0 to 360 degrees—you aren’t limited to 90, 180, or 270 degrees. The drill has positive stops all the way around the head that make for a quick turn to get into literally any space you could possible need to access. I don’t often need those attachments, but when I do, I need them badly. These heads are designed well and have saved me a good bit of fussing on more than one occasion.

My only complaint about this kit is that it is not an impact driver, so I tend to use it more to drill holes unless the occasion arises that I need to get into a tight spot to run a screw. But that isn’t a deal breaker, and I would definitely recommend this versatile tool.

Along with the various attachments, DeWalt’s DCD703 5-in-1 12-volt drill kit includes a charger, 2.0-Ah battery, and bag.

The DeWalt DCD703 kit includes the drill, a 12-volt Max DCB122 2.0‑Ah battery, a charger, a kit bag, a 3/8-inch chuck attachment, a 1/4‑inch hex right-angle attachment, a 1/4-inch hex quick-release attachment, and a 1/4-inch hex quick-release offset attachment. The kit retails for $190.