Remodeling is no simple task. Not only does it take a skilled hand—let’s be honest, sometimes more than a few—it also takes commitment, drive and a lot of know-how. Fortunately, tool accessory companies now offer solutions that can handle a wide range of required tasks, helping general contractors and remodelers alike save on time and money.

One must-have solution for any remodel is the humble saw blade. Whether it’s for ripping, crosscutting, metal cutting or hole cutting, standard remodeling jobs will require at least one saw blade. Having a couple in the toolbox—each meant for a specific application—will be a wise long-term decision for any remodeling professional.

Want the most bang for your budget? Want a top-of-the-line blade for each task? We have you covered. Here’s a step-by-step guide to sawing your way through a remodel:

1. Demolition

Demolishing old fixtures, walls and doorframes puts the “re” in remodel. A reliable circular saw blade designed specifically for demolition—and equipped with the latest and greatest technology—can make a big difference in a remodeler’s peace of mind and bottom line. A blade with high-quality carbide teeth and nano grind technology, for example, can often last up to 15 times longer than a standard blade. There’s no telling what you may need to cut when remodeling, as older structures often harbor older material from their original construction or even a prior remodel. Get a reliable blade that can cut through it all.

2. Framing

Whether it's rebuilding a wall from the inside out or crafting one from scratch, framing—measuring, cutting and fitting together wood for structuring—is a core component in remodeling and construction in general. A circular saw framing blade that’s built to withstand a lot of punishment will be a remodeler’s best friend. In addition to a quality carbide blade, look for one offering chamfer alternate top bevel tooth geometry or three-tooth grind sequences, as it will not only offer the best durability, but the best control for clean and precise cuts. Straight and accurate cuts are of the utmost importance here (after all, you’re framing!), so get a blade that won’t sacrifice results.

3. Plumbing, HVAC and Electrical

Installing plumbing, HVAC and electrical infrastructure may seem intimidating, but a quality reciprocating saw blade or hole saw can transform this task from eerie to easy. A reciprocating saw blade meant for medium metal can take care of strut, cast iron pipe and other tubing typically used to house electric cables. One with an industrial coating and high-quality carbide teeth will last up to 100 times longer than standard blades on the market while ensuring burr free edges.

Similarly, a quality hole saw or hole saw set with carbide teeth will take care of any piping problem that pops up. Specialty sets for plumbing or electric work often include a wide range of sizes, letting remodelers focus more on completing a project and less on buying the right size.

4. Flooring, Siding and Decking

No remodel is complete without taking care of one of the biggest, most used areas of a home: the floor. In terms of the amount of material needed to be cut, it doesn’t differ much from framing. In terms of the material and required saw blade, it couldn’t be more different. Add a high-quality saw blade specializing in laminates—typically high tooth count, low RPM, super thin kerf design—to your arsenal. If a saw blade meant for a highly specific material is needed, such as composite decking (Trex®), fiber cement siding (Hardie®), or composite flooring (Pergo®) material, buy the right blade and make these specialty jobs feasible. You won’t regret it.

5. Cabinets and Fixtures

Installing new cabinets and fixtures may seem like a lot, but it’s a task the right saw blade can handle with ease. Get a blade that handles ripping and crosscutting with ease—specifically one that won’t require much rework. If you need to do fine trim work or dedicated woodworking, go a step further and purchase a specially engineered blade for polished finishes as well as a dado saw blade set for groove work.

Who knows, when you’ll need to switch from remodeler, to electrician, to plumber and then finish carpenter! It’s no easy task to wear these different hats but with the right accessory and tool the job becomes much easier. Upgrade and specialize your gear today.