In his latest episode of The Build Show YouTube series, “Top 5 Dumbest Building Products,” Austin, Texas-based builder and JLC contributor Matt Risinger highlights the five building product types he can’t stand – and explains why viewers should avoid them.

Risinger provides a hands-on demonstration of each product and its shortcomings, starting with foil-faced cardboard sheathing, which he is able to rip apart by hand. “Think how well this is going to last on this building, and this is also the waterproofing layer,” Risinger says. “I can literally rip the sheathing, and that’s what’s doing the shear on this house. And that’s also what’s keeping the water out of the house. How do you do anything for this? It’s also super susceptible to jobsite damage.”His other pet-peeves are perforated housewrap, recessed tankless heating, paper-based flashing, and direct-vent (and ventless) gas fireplaces.

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