For the construction industry, working with subcontractors is often treated like an extension of business. In a perfect world, subcontractors show up to the project when you need them, stay within budget, and are efficient when it comes to completing the project on time. Unfortunately, construction projects rarely operate in a “perfect world” scenario.

As a contractor hiring subcontractors, one of the most difficult tasks is clearly outlining expectations and project specifications in the contract. Before any project begins, your subcontractors must be walked through all of the procedures and requirements upon kicking off the project.

So why does this seem so difficult? Well, often times there’s a lag in communication and the subcontractors don’t always have the accurate information they need to get the job done. But there isgood news -- there’s an app for that!

See how technology can ease the process of working with subcontractors:

1. Digital Subcontractor Agreements In the world of construction, details have to be clearly defined, or else the lack of detail can potentially be detrimental to a project. In many cases, situations arise where a subcontractor lacking a clear scope of work, must come back with multiple change orders. This is where a digital subcontractor agreement becomes instrumental for general contractor and subcontractor alike. Thanks to recent innovations in construction technology, contractors and subcontractors can easily reference their documentation and agreements straight from the jobsite, eliminating any opportunity for miscommunication.

2. Site Instructions & Meeting Notes It’s no secret that on any project, communication between the general contractor and subs must be clear and succinct. This may seem obvious, but it’s surprisingly one of the most difficult tasks. With so many moving parts on any given project, communication can be overlooked. That’s where technology can help ease the process! By using an app like Contractor WorkZone contractors can easily designate site instructions from any location at any time, all from the palm of their hand. With the ability to keep a digital track of all conversations and meeting notes from an app, you’ll always be able to reference details in the chance it may be needed.

3. Accounting & Other Finances Using a construction management app is a saving grace when it comes to finances and working with subcontractors. One of the most common reasons for going over a project budget is due to financial issues with subcontractors. Let’s consider the example of a written change order. When there is a miscommunication over project specs, a subcontractor might have to issue a change order, and with that can come a delay in the timeline. With the help of technology, you can eliminate this problem moving forward. Thanks to construction apps, you can now easily streamline change orders, invoicing, payments and more, straight from the field. Contractor WorkZone is an example of one mobile application that allows, you to keep all correspondence on hand, easing the communication and workflow with subcontractors.

“Contractor WorkZone’s mobile app has easily allowed us to manage subcontractors straight from the field,” said Harold, owner of Harold’s Excavating Services. “My team is able to access subcontractor agreements and meeting notes from any device at any time, it’s a real time saver.”

Transparency is key when it comes to knowing where your dollars go, especially when working with subcontractors. To learn how your team can better manage estimates, invoices, site instructions and more, visit: