Get to work at 7:06 and what goes on the time sheet? 7:00, of course. Daily time-fudging by employees quickly adds up. Even if the time is accurate, the handwriting on timecards often isn’t, so time tracking is a perpetual problem for bookkeepers.

When Brandon Wright, president of Home Pro Fire and Water Renovators, in Boise, Idaho, wanted a better system for his nine field employees, he discovered TSheets. Home Pro began using the product two months ago and Wright has already noticed a difference.

On Your Cell

A Web-hosted service, TSheets, made by in Boise, works through cell phones. “Your cell is your time-entry device for either a mobile or restricted employee,” says company owner Matt Rissell. The application is downloaded to the cell phone. When an employee clocks in, the phone pings a global positioning system (GPS) coordinate. Employees enter the project name and task. “This gives control back to the owner,” Rissell says. You know where employees are and daily job costing.

“In the past, we looked at job cost reports,” Wright says, “but they were only accurate after payroll was completed every two weeks.” TSheets, which also has a text messaging feature and can integrate with any accounting system, gives him a daily report. “We can manage projects now to meet our labor budget. If we’re going to be off, we can adjust.”

There is no sign-up fee or contract, but there is a $20 access fee per month as well as a $5 fee per user per month. For example, 10 employees using TSheets would cost $70 per month.