Frank J. Borkowski

The main job of your marketing website is to add qualified traffic to your sales pipeline and then help convert those folks into buyers. There are other reasons to have a marketing website, but sales are Job No. 1.

Traffic created by someone doing a Google or a Bing search and arriving at your site is important, but so is “walk-up” traffic — those who find you by typing in your Web address or clicking on a link to your site they found elsewhere. Plus, the two types of traffic support each other. You can have a site that’s perfectly configured for search engine optimization (SEO) but still isn’t bringing you any buyers because there’s nothing else driving people to you. Ways to beef up Web traffic:

  • Use a domain name that makes sense. “” is great after you’ve covered “”
  • If your company name is Great Kitchens of Timbuktu, then should be your primary Web address. But also register GreatKitchenOfTimbuktu and GreatKitchenTimbuktu and all common misspellings. Redirect those domains to your main site. If you don’t, your competitors are likely to — and divert traffic looking for you to their own sites.
  • Register .net, .org, .biz, and .info and redirect them to your .com.
  • I’m shocked to still find yard signs, trailers, trucks, and outdoor ads that don’t include a company URL — or that have the URL too small to read. Get with it!
  • Get links to your site on other relevant sites. Google and Bing search engines give you bonus points if you have great incoming links, one that’s on a site that has content that is relevant to yours. Online articles about remodeling with a link to your site are great, but so are the free directories of installers and product manufacturers.
  • Also, think “mobile.” It’s tough to remember a URL but easy to snap a 2-D barcode with a smartphone, and your customers are starting to get that. Don’t know what I’m talking about? We’ll pick up here next time.

—Joe Stoddard is an industry consultant helping remodelers be successful with their technology.; [email protected].