What’s coming in technology is going to be faster, smaller, and more easily connected — more mobile options, even wearable options. “The way we interact with technology in the next few years is going to change,” says industry and technology consultant Joe Stoddard. “But there are things you can do right now to take advantage of technology to improve your business.” Plus, he says, “if you’re into green and lean, there’s nothing better than technology to add value and reduce costs.”

  • Use social networking to bulletproof your reputation.
  • Use “the cloud” to reduce errors on your jobs.
  • Replace “My Documents” with one of the save-and-sync services, such as Dropbox, and stop worrying about backups and data loss.
  • Learn to use Evernote, the smartest, most useful “framework” application available today.
  • Use GPS/location services for routing and logistics of crews. Save gas, wear-and-tear, and have happier customers and better projects.
  • Stop driving to meetings — use Web-based meetings.
  • Use Web video — for advertising yes, but better yet, for training.
  • Automate estimating using the sensors in your smartphone/tablet (and apps such as MagicPlan).

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—Stacey Freed, senior editor, REMODELING. twitter.com/SFreed

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