If there's a place for remodeling on the Internet, Mike Turner thinks he's found it. A Big50 winner in 1996, Turner is now a Web impresario, hoping to lead the industry into the future with the Home Services Store. The company pursues an ambitious vertical integration strategy, leveraging its expertise, industry ties, and the connective power of the Internet to link manufacturers, retailers, contractors, and homeowners.

Turner says he was working on a similar venture when the Home Services Store offered to buy him out. Intent on staying involved, Turner negotiated an ownership stake before folding his company into the Home Services Store operation.

“It's been a wonderful opportunity,” Turner says of his role as vice president of affiliate networks. “I've been able to utilize all those skills I developed over the years as a contractor.”

It turns out that managing logistics for a nationwide remodeling company isn't actually so different than his old job as a local contractor, Turner says. “It's the same, just multiplied by 50 states.”