Smart lighting and security manufacturer Maximus is adding a smart video doorbell, the Answer DualCam, to its existing lineup of smart security lighting.

The Answer DualCam's two 1080p HDR cameras that provide an 180 degree field of view, which allows the doorbell to cover common top and bottom and blind spots found in single-camera systems, according to the manufacturer. Through the Kuna app, which covers the smart functions of all Maximus products, the Answer DualCam allows homeowners to check its 24/7 camera feed at any time, or establish a number of presets around guests, including pre-recorded messages.

The app will send a mobile alert if the doorbell’s AI-powered motion detection detects a person or other activity. The user can choose to sound a 100dB siren, call 911, or engage in a two-way conversation through the doorbell at any time.

“Answer is an immediate upgrade to any other smart doorbell on the market right now,” says Mark Honeycutt, CEO of Maximus. “Our goal has always been to provide consumers with easy-to-use (and install) products that instill a sense of safety and security. Answer accomplishes that and more by allowing homeowners to view footage of packages on the ground, children and pets, in addition to faces and full-length bodies. Easy-to-use streaming shows both camera views at the same time. Click on either view to make it larger, smaller, zoom in or out. This video doorbell will dramatically change the video doorbell industry and set a new level of expectation from consumers in the market.”

The Maximus Answer DualCam Video Doorbell is set to retail for $199.00, and is currently available for preorder with delivery by June 30th, 2019. The system and Kuna app are both compatible with both Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa.