HomeAdvisor, the marketplace for matching homeowners with service professionals, today announced it acquired a majority stake in Mhelpdesk, a cloud-based application that helps small- to medium-size field service businesses streamline their operations.

The software, which helps field service businesses with scheduling, work orders, job tracking, and invoicing, will be available to pros as part of a membership package starting in January 2015.

“The market for field service management solutions is rapidly evolving and poised to revolutionize the home service industry,” said Chris Terrill, CEO of HomeAdvisor. "This acquisition is part of the continuing transformation of HomeAdvisor into the leading marketplace for homeowners to hire local home services and for home service professionals to market and manage their businesses." 

“Mhelpdesk joining forces with HomeAdvisor just makes sense. It's what the local home service industry needs,” said Vincent Wong, CEO of Mhelpdesk.