Music to Your Fingertips
Autonomic’s Mirage whole-house audio system calls for installation by an integrator, but offers features that are homeowner friendly. Mirage can communicate with wall-mounted keypads, often used for home automation and lighting controls. Using the Mirage Media Controller app, homeowners can customize playlists from their music libraries, and assign them to keypad buttons with ease. 

Can’t Touch This
Polish brand Fibaro is bringing its extensive home automation product line to the U.S., but one of the most interactive devices is one you won’t even see. Swipe is the maker’s wireless gesture control pad, which lets users operate lighting, audio, and other home control systems without touching the device. Mount the gesture pad in a frame, or install it under material up to 1 inch thick to create interactive countertops or other surfaces. 

Control Them All
OnControls’ new Onlink Pro gateways function differently from other black box devices. The gateways translate other devices’ languages into IP, making them readable by smartphones and tablets. The result is home automation systems that can operate with the the device already in your pocket, rather than with separate remotes or touchscreens. Each gateway can communicate with up to 40 devices simultaneously, and OnControls integrates with numerous popular smart home brands. 

Smart & Secure

The White Rabbit Smart Hub eliminates the hassle of manually arming and disarming security systems by using sensors that detect user presence. The system arms when users leave, and disarms when enabled devices return to the sensor area. Other functions include locking and unlocking entry doors, and raising and lowering garage doors or window shades. Subscription monitoring is available. 

For Your Viewing Pleasure
MantelMount, a specialized bracket for wall-mounted flat-screen TVs that are mounted above a mantel, sets the screen TV at a 9-degree downward angle for viewing and has an extension arm that can lower the TV up to 24 inches for eye-level viewing. The easy-install unit accommodates TVs from 48 to 80 inches, and includes paintable bracket covers for seamless installation. and a heat-sensing handle that changes color when its temperature exceeds 110°F.