Photo Courtesy of Adobe Stock
Photo Courtesy of Adobe Stock

The construction industry is historically one that is averse to change. Changes may happen very periodically over time, but the industry is not an early adopter of many ideas. Despite this, the industry is in a transitional period and new technologies, ideas, and opportunities are flooding into the sector and causing real change. AZ Big Media highlights several construction industry trends that are emerging that can give businesses competitive advantages and help them stay ahead of the curve.

The use of drones in the construction industry is the fastest growing trend of 2019. Drones are equipped with cameras to access remote locations, collect data, map large areas, give an aerial view of sites and produce thermal images. The most common problem related to the construction industry is personal safety and equipment loss. Drones can significantly reduce these areas of liability, and with the cost of quality drones falling, they are here to stay.

Construction Management Software
The efficiency of construction management software has seen steady improvement over the years, and it has been a vital part of every construction project in 2019. Tasks such as bidding, estimation, project management, orders, scheduling, human resourcing, billing, and accounting can be made easier through the use of the software. Having great construction management software is a vital component to staying in the race with your competitors, meanwhile creating ease for yourself.

Safety Equipment
Human safety is an essential part of every construction site. There is a lot of heavy machinery, dangerous tools and equipment used, and if safety isn’t guaranteed, a lot of lives are put at risk. Due to recent innovations, ensuring safety at a site is no longer arduous. Specialized robots are being used to work in areas that are not safe for humans. Commonly used equipment such as welding tools are being developed to be more efficient so that anyone can use them without danger to their lives. Quality assurance has led to a very positive change and reduced job site accidents to a minimum.

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