What we did: Add Dimensions

We added critical dimensions to an as-is photo using multi-touch controls and zoom function to precisely locate leader lines. We also made notes about project specs and existing conditions, then emailed the annotated image.

How we did it: MyMeasures

Work with photos/stored images to label dimensions and angles and add text notes. Calculate area, volume, angles, etc. Organize work in folders. Share via email or social media. $2.99 ($5.99 Pro version) | iPhone, iPad, and Android | sis.si/my-measures

What we did: Build Ideabook

We searched for contemporary examples of home office projects. We made design notes on six selected images and stored them in a custom Ideabook. We emailed the images to make them available to other apps.

How we did it: Houzz

Gallery of interior/exterior design ideas. Remodelers can upload project images linked to their company site and to product info. Create and share custom collections via email or social media. Free | iPhone, iPad only | houzz.com

What we did: Draw on Photo

After finding the images in email, we cropped and saved the Houzz images and sketched the proposed work onto the original as-is image. We sent everything directly to Evernote, where the rest of the team can access it.

How we did it: Skitch

Create drawings, take photos, or capture screens, maps, or Web pages, then crop and annotate with symbols and text. Share via email or social media, or send directly to Evernote. Free | iPhone, iPad, and Android | skitch.com (recently acquired by Evernote)

What we did: Add to Project Notes

In Evernote, we tagged the annotated images with keywords and moved them into a new project notebook. We can attach files (estimates, contracts, etc.), and distribute selected materials to staff, trade partners, and the client.

How we did it: Evernote

Take photos, record text/audio notes, organize ideas, images, links, and other random information, then sync to nearly any mobile device or computer. Web clippers are available for browsers. Free | iPhone, iPad, and Android | evernote.com

—Sal Alfano, editorial director, REMODELING.