Homeowners are now more design savvy and creatively invested in their homes than ever and they aren’t afraid to make a statement. Furthermore, they’re looking for building experts with the intellect and know-how to match. In a recent survey by Verizon Telematics, 79% of home remodeling customers expect service professionals to be tech-savvy, and two out of three consumers won’t hire them for a second job if they’re not.*

“Building professionals are being asked to go beyond their trade in today’s world, and manufacturers can be a significant resource,” said Mark Ayers, vice president of marketing at Therma-Tru Corp. “For example, we’ve embraced the ‘tech trend’ and provide tools and resources to guide homeowners from inspiration through customization and visualization on their home.”

Homeowners are gaining inspiration from a plethora of sources – from Pinterest and Instagram to interior design and do-it-yourself blogs, the possibilities are endless. And from a design-trends perspective, there is more focus on the front of the home and curb appeal than ever. In fact, Therma-Tru’s National Home Valuation Study found that upgrading the front door is a smart investment and can increase the perceived value of a home by 4.2%, or $18,750 on average.**

Achieving a cohesive look that impacts value starts with selecting products that complement the style of the home. Beginning as early as the inspiration stage, resources like this Architectural Home Styles Guide are available to help maintain the architectural integrity of the home by recommending product options based solely on home style.

As every aspect of life becomes more tailored to an individual’s wants, homeowners also seek unique, customized designs for their home. Remodelers are presented with the great opportunity to provide guidance to homeowners navigating this process.

From style and configuration to glass, hardware and finish, there is no shortage of options for designing a front door. New tools allow building professionals to help homeowners understand and explore the different products available to make their home reflect their personal style. For example, Therma-Tru’s Design Your Door tool was created to do just that: intuitively guide the pros and their customers through the process of creating an entryway that’s as unique as the individual homeowner.

While the benefits of customization are plentiful, often the homeowners’ opportunity to actually see what they are purchasing – and how it will look – is limited. Visualization tools provide that broader and more complete picture – allowing them to visualize the perfect entry door on their home. Constant innovations in technology are keeping visualization resources ahead of the curve and that’s helping building pros excel in their work.

Building professionals now have access to tools and resources that make it easier to guide homeowners through the selection process, from inspiration to the final details – these added touches and technologies help underscore confidence in the homeowner’s final choice.

*Worley, Nicole. (2018, February 13). 79 Percent of U.S. Consumers Expect Tech Savviness from Their Home Service Providers. Retrieved from https://smallbiztrends.com/2018/02/service-professionals-are-expected-to-be-tech-savvy.html.

** Based on a nationwide survey conducted on behalf of Therma-Tru. For more details visit www.thermatru.com/curbappeal.