While design trends come and go, there is currently no stopping the increasing demand for more efficient storage or closet space.  According to an Equifax study, the feature that homebuyers want most is a walk-in closet in the master bedroom and 60% of homebuyers are willing to pay extra for it.

Not only does a clutter-free home look larger, cleaner, and all-around more attractive, but it simplifies its owner’s busy life. Therefore, more homeowners are looking for opportunities to add organizational features in their homes, in line with trending homebuyer must-have amenities – organization, beautiful closet units, and an abundance of leftover space.

Customizable storage options and solutions are a great way to address this growing demand.

Closets and Cabinets are Bursting at the Seams

It’s hard to believe that houses weren’t built with walk-in closets and pantries 20 years ago. But times have changed, and many homes are now filled to the brim with “things” – things that homeowners do not want to give up.

Where do those things compile? The U.S. Department of Energy says in the garage, where one-quarter of families can’t fit their vehicles into the space due to clutter accumulation. This is easily resolved with the introduction of professional storage systems in the homes, which promote family organization and enable homeowners to free up space for its intended use.

Educate: How to be Organized

Many homeowners are challenged to find time for organization, or think they can’t organize because they don’t have enough space. Remodelers can present options that address this seeming “lack of space” -- typically caused by outdated single shelves or rod and hook combinations – by showing smart ways to de-clutter and add efficient storage. Underutilized corners, for example, can be re-designed or repurposed. As a result, customized storage systems are easier than ever for remodelers to sell – they are a no-brainer for the homeowner.

Being organized is no longer a luxury, but a necessity. As homeowners continue to accumulate more things, the proper steps must be made to ensure they are utilizing their spaces wisely. The remodeler is there to help the homeowner understand how and why they should incorporate customized storage solutions into their home. 

There is a Significant Payoff

Thoughtful integration of smart storage into design plans can pay off for both remodelers and clients. The value far outweighs the costs.

Installed storage such as built-in closets, kitchen cabinets, or even garage shelves not only enhance the beauty of living spaces, but also boost the home’s appeal and resale value.

Enter ClosetMaid®

ClosetMaid® has both the products and services to solve storage problems. The ClosetMaid Professional ServicesSM program allows remodelers to formulate effective storage system options for those homeowners looking to renovate their spaces.

“By simplifying the planning, design, and build stages of storage systems, we help remodelers complete beautiful remodels while still meeting budget objectives,” says Craig Moeller, Vice President of Marketing at ClosetMaid. “ClosetMaid delivers superior quality of craftsmanship while offering a custom product mix to suit your customers’ needs, lifestyle, and budget.”

For more information go to www.closetmaidpro.com