Ah, fresh air! After winter lasted longer than it seemed possible, homeowners are emerging from their cocoons and they're ready to fire up the grill. Here are a range of new product to outfit a classy outdoor kitchen or connect your indoor kitchen with the outdoor living space.

Pave the Way

Three new products are available in the Azek Paver line. A larger 8x8-inch standard paver size addresses a trend toward an overall larger paver aesthetic, and increased use of multi-sized paver patterns when used with the 4x8-inch and 4x4-inch sizes. A new resurfacing bullnose paver profile provides an attractive, rounded finished perimeter edge available in all five colors in the product line. The new resurfacing transition paver profile includes a slanted edge that acts as a mini ramp to transition from the paver height down to the ground level. Azek | 877.275.2935 | azek.com

Right in Range

A rangehood in an outdoor kitchen? Especially useful in covered cooking areas under pergolas and arbors, outdoor rangehoods keep grease and smoke from interrupting outdoor dining. Broan's Elite Outdoor Range Hood features baffle filters and a built-in 1,100 cfm blower, and is available in 36- and 48-inch widths. The extra-deep 27-inch hood has an optional 3-inch wall extension to help guarantee it effectively captures smoke, protecting patio ceilings. Broan | 800.558.1711 | broan.com

Hot Hybrid

The Coyote Centaur Hybrid Grill is a unique 50-inch, split-hood stainless steel grill featuring two separate fire boxes and 600 square inches of cooking space per side. One side of the grill features two Coyote iBurners for gas grilling, and an adjustable commercial charcoal or woodchip tray for grilling or smoking on the other. The iBurners carry a lifetime warranty and limited lifetime warranty for the stainless steel housing. Coyote Outdoor Living | 855.520.1559 | coyoteoutdoor.com

Light the Night

Expand your outdoor lighting from posts and stair risers to the deck railing itself with i-Lighting's Iluma Rail Lighting. Compatible with most any deck or outdoor railing system, the product line uses the maker's proprietary LED Lighting Simplified connection technology. Its sleek, easily hidden 5 mm design comes in 4-, 6-, or 8-foot sections containing strategically located LED strips to ensure cost effective operation and long life. Use the components independently with an outdoor power supply, or with the iLuma Stair Lighting kit include the maker's custom low-voltage DC system and Easy Plug connections. Want an easy way to spec a lighting plan? Customers can fax their plans to the manufacturer and the company will specify the project's lighting with a short lead time at no additional cost. iLighting | 888.305.4232 | i-lighting.com

Glide Through

Create an easy pass-through from indoor to outdoor kitchens with Marvin's newly re-engineered Ultimate Glider window. In the new OXXO configuration, non-operational O panels flank two center-sash X panels that can slide to each side creating an unobstructed opening. The concealed multi-point lock doesn't distract from the window's clean lines, and an auto-lock system means the window locks automatically when closed for peace of mind. Choose from window dimensions up to 14 feet wide and 6 feet tall for impressive spans and views. Marvin | 888.537.7828 | marvin.com

Stay Cool

The 24-inch Signature Series Outdoor Dual-Zone line of undercounter refrigerators introduces what the maker calls the industry's first unit of this size to feature two independently controlled temperature zones within the same unit. The product line includes dual zone refrigerators/freezer drawers, refrigerator/wine reserve, and dual-zone wine reserve, each UL-listed for outdoor use. Products in Perlick's outdoor product line feature commercial-grade stainless steel doors, UV-coated glass doors with anti-condensation technology, a commercial-grade compressor, full-extension pull-out shelves, and more. Perlick | 800.558.5592 | perlick.com

Don't Get Board

The new Armadillo Lite product line has added three variegated colors to its offering: vintage slate, foxtail, and tumbleweed. Featuring a fluted underside, Armadillo Lite is 20% lighter than comparable composite boards, making it easier to handle and using less material. Like original Armadillo, the boards are wrapped in a polyethylene coating; resist fading, weathering and staining; and come with a 20-year warranty. Both Armadillo and Armadillo Lite are made from 100% post-consumer recycled material. Rhino Deck| 800.535.4838 | rhinodeck.com

Tie a Ribbon

The new outdoor vent-free Fire Ribbon is designed to be built into an exterior wall with no chimney or flue. Available in widths of either three or four feet, the vent-free Fire Ribbon burns either natural gas or propane and start easily with a remote control. A clean burn means none of the hassle, mess, or pollution associated with wood-burning fireplaces. The Fire Ribbon features a stainless steel finish and has available options include a media tray, fire objects, and a safety screen. Spark Modern Fires | 866.938.3846 | sparkfires.com

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